About Us

AXA History

  • Established in 2001
  • Headquartered in Staten Island, New York
  • Built on the premise that we do not want to be all things to many clients but prefer to be outstanding partners to a select few companies that appreciate our dedication and high quality service
  • Delivering upon the promise of high quality service at market competitive rates through strict control and proprietary recruiting
Axa Professionals History

CEO Says

  • We have grown due to our relationships with real people who have grown to trust that we do what we say and can be depended upon to deliver
  • Our proprietary approach allows us to grow in a controlled fashion with the main conviction to “never overreach and sacrifice on quality”
  • AXA relies on referrals, advertisements and high quality recruiting engines to search for the most qualified talent available. This eliminates the high overhead need associated with costs of sales, marketing and acquiring talent
  • This model provides for the greatest reduction in our cost of business and brings the greatest return to you as our partner for your projects

Some of Our Key Clients

Stefanini Chanel WB Mason Komatsu Endeaver Services CSS Corspan Gravitas Linedate Ombligo Evox Bluerock Technologies CompUSA

Team & Delivery Model

Expertise and Focus
  • Average industry experience is over 20 years in I.T. staffing and placement services
  • Strong mix of key operational capability – I.T. Recruiters, I.T. Staffing Management, Global Corporate level Infrastructure Managers for QA/QC of talent “testing only goes so far”
  • Delivery Model based upon spoke and hub model relying heavily upon technical vetting of candidates thru regional recruiting hubs
  • Ability to provide Hourly, Project Based, or Fixed Price delivery under SLA’s
  • Business breakdown shows 70% delivery against infrastructure, HD, Service center roles and 30% for Applications development, BA, PM, and “other”

Direct Measurable Impact

AXA Professionals
  • Low overhead hub and spoke delivery model
  • Hourly, Fixed Price, Project based delivery based upon clients needs and budget.
  • Proven quality and commitment growing thru proven delivery at high quality at lowest price (value)
  • Ability to expand to support changing needs on short notice
  • Guaranteed delivery where AXA is the sole source vendor
Impact to you and your Clients
  • With our low operating overhead; AXA can offer staffing at rates that allow you to price projects accurately and gives you the greatest GPM
  • Leveraging a proven existing vendor ensures repeatable positive outcomes given prior experience
  • Flexibility and recruiting knowledge base provides insights for when considering new markets for new clients resulting in tighter scope of bids and wins
Client Impact
  • Rapid response to needs
  • Strong oversight and management of talent
  • High quality of staff delivered
  • Flexibility to ramp-up given the hub & spoke model for recruiting in new areas
  • Ability to reuse talent on a more consistent basis for repeat work with clients thru AXA
Candidate Impact
  • First contacted by a company that provides a feeling that they are respectful and caring about candidates/people.
  • Understanding that they are part of a professional organization and that we provide all of the support they need thus reducing overhead of “care and feeding”
  • Flexibility and recruiting knowledge base provides insights for when considering new markets for new clients resulting in tighter scope of bids and wins
  • Higher quality and level of talent given AXA’s Tech review process resulting in stronger delivery and client experience
  • Complete background check and training on how they should carry themselves at each client site
Some Examples of Projects With Some of Our Major Clients
  • For a Global Retailer – AXA delivered a staffing solution in support of its United States, Canada and some of the Islands performing PC Refreshes, Asset Tagging and iPhone upgrades. Our performance allowed for on-time and on-budget delivery for our client
  • For the largest Real Estate company in the United States, AXA was selected to perform Desktop refreshes across the nation. Our positive performance resulted in client recommendations and accolades to our partner for a high degree of customer service and a trouble free delivery of the solution
  • For a New York Financial services firm – AXA provided esoteric solutions experts focusing on Anti-Money Laundering Solutions within the environment. The project was a high profile initiative and was delivered exclusively by AXA. The project resulted in eliminating the risk of impending multi-million dollar fines due to non-compliance for systems and regulatory standards which were, up that point, out of compliance with the Federal Government standards

What We Provide

  • IT Professionals for IT Staff augmentation, Helpdesk, System administrators, Network techs, Engineering and many other technical specializations with 3 to 15 (or more) years of experience
  • We cover workers comp, employee liability insurance, department of labor fee’s, and any other insurance your company requires
  • We take care of all payroll responsibilities for our contractors
  • We handle the Vetting (Background tests or Drug test as required)
  • We provide local, regional and national coverage

Our Service Offerings

In today’s demanding work place, few companies have adequate internal staff resources to handle all day-to-day challenges, as well as special situations or projects that came up from time to time. AXA Professionals can help with these needs by providing qualified talent to handle:

Staffing Offerings and Services

  • Contract To Hire
  • Project based roll outs, upgrades or deployments
  • Project Management
  • Asset Disposal
  • Managed Services
  • Direct Hire
  • Multi-Site Deployments
  • Workforce Management
  • Technical Solutions
  • Application Development
Technical Staff augmentation permits customers to better utilize their own internal staff while using a temporary staffing resources to tackle complex projects or special short term needs. Better utilization of internal staff leads to satisfied users, increased productivity, and lower costs.


  • Obtain higher delivery from a “known quantity” performer
  • Obtain 24/7 support and dispatch capability without increasing cost
  • Solidify rate structures based upon best value to win more clients and enhance GPM
  • Enhance geographic reach for delivery thru AXA’s Hub and spoke regional recruiting model
  • Gain market knowledge for staff pricing in areas where you are currently not doing business